Bespoke digital platform for discounts and deals in your local area.

The Task

Use approached Apposing to help design, build and develop their new discount app. Use wanted to bring something new to the discount offers space, and needed an app that would allow users to find offers within their current location or find discounts for locations they are heading to. Ultimately they needed a user friendly app that would also drive engagement and help build brand loyalty.

Innovation Lab

Working closely with the Use team, we delivered an innovation lab ideas session.

The ideas session allowed us to understand their marketplace and provide our expertise to introduce ideas and concepts that would clearly define Use’s advantages and enhance their user experience.

- Ideas Session

- Wireflow


Designed to be user friendly and to encourage brand loyalty, the app was designed and developed to help users easily navigate discounts and offers suited to their preferences. Following the ideas workshops, a wire flow was created before the final design and build of the app.

- Discount card design

- Final Design


‘What’s not to love about working with Apposing. Creative, inspiring and ready with ideas to help us disrupt the discount offers sector




"The interface is very easy and clear to use, everything about this app is great!"



"This app is very well designed, from the user interface to the features. I highly recommend everybody to try this app, it will not take you so much time, yet it brings you much information"

App Store Positioning


Use is a discount app with a difference. It is not just about half price pizzas and bargain burgers, they're about great offers on everything, everywhere. Location offers from where you are now to where you want to be.