Airbnb says it’s check out time for React Native

27th June 2018

Airbnb says it’s check out time for React Native. The right decision agrees leading app agency founder.

‘Due to a variety of technical and organizational issues, we will be sunsetting React Native and putting all of our efforts into making native amazing.’ Announced Airbnb this week.

Opinion long held by myself, Dave Brown – Managing Director of Liverpool based award winning app development agency, Apposing.

“Whilst it’s evident the news has created ripples in the industry, it’s a view we’ve held for a while – pretty much since day one of founding the agency in 2009!”.

“Airbnb was one of the first Silicon Valley start-ups to adopt React Native a couple of years ago, which was shortly after it was released in 2015. Back then they had both a native iOS and Android stack on mobile and a React stack for web, and given the positive experience with React, and in order to fast track their native development they were early adopters of React Native. What later became evident to the Airbnb team was that this move had created a lot of additional overhead.

It doesn’t surprise me that their announcement came this week.

They had to invest a lot of extra effort in writing supporting functionality in order to be able to support (existing) native functionality through Javascript. As well as having to maintain these libraries for every iOS, Android & React update. Yes this would have been a technical challenge, but it appears to have been an unexpected organisation challenge for them also presenting ‘pain points’ as they called them.”

“Here at Apposing we’re regularly asked for cross-platform solutions such as React Native. Clients are attracted by the perception that writing code once will make app development cheaper and faster, without compromising on the user experience. But that simply isn’t the reality for the vast majority of projects and it is why we have always championed native app development for our clients.

Native app development allows our clients to wow their customers. The software is developed specifically for each platform. Native apps run faster and more efficiently. Native apps are more reliable, secure and make it easier to add new features – something that’s important for businesses with a phased app development plan.”

“So yes, Airbnb have provoked discussion with their announcement this week, but it’s a decision made by an innovative and progressive company, who like many of our own clients, are keen to stay ahead in this space, and I for one think they’ll just be the first in a long line of brands and businesses that will follow suit.”

So if like Airbnb you want to “go native” we would love to hear from you! Drop me an email to and we will create a beautiful partnership.