Now it is part of our daily lives

23rd July 2015

I’m A huge fan of the Back to the Future movies and can pretty much cite the hours of my childhood spent watching the films as the main reason I’m in the tech industry.

In just a few months’ time it will be ‘Back to the Future Day’. The Delorean is programmed to timehop from 1989 to October 21, 2015, so, we’re already officially living in the future.

But just how well did the film do at predicting what was to come?

Incredibly, there are 20 things from the film that actually came true – and five that haven’t.

Well at least not yet.

Some of the main predictions that are now a reality are wearable technology such as Google Glass, video-call communication software (used when Mr McFly gets fired) in the form of Skype, and 3D films like the Jaws 19 advert that threatens to swallow Marty in the Town Square.

Both Google Glass and 3D film have almost had their day and we’re already on to the next big thing with the likes of 10K (10x HD quality) TV, and virtual and augmented reality with tech such as the Microsoft HoloLens and Facebook-owned Oculus Rift.

Other futuristic items, such as hover boards are close, but not in full production yet.

The Hendo and a new project by Lexus could see it becoming something many of us will be owning within the next few years.

The film Interstellar, released last year, made the idea of time travel seem like a possibility too, given the advancements in space exploration that could see us all able to ‘holiday’ on another planet very soon.

It’s interesting to think that if the film was never made, just how many of the things predicted in 1989 would we have today in 2015?

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